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The 12 Ounces of Christmas: A 12 oz Coffee Tin for 10% Off Each Day for 12 Days

In addition to our  holiday deals, we are offering one of our 12oz coffee tins for 10% off each day for 12 days.  Each day from December 8-19, one of our sustainably sourced coffees goes on sale, an angel gets its wings, and joy comes to the world of coffee drinkers. Don’t miss your favorites!


Here’s the schedule:

Dec 8  Mocha Java
Dec 9  Ethiopian Natural
Dec 10 Peru High Grown Andes
Dec 11  Iris Espresso
Dec 12  Brazil Sítio São Geraldo
Dec 13  Costa Rica
Dec 14 Mexican Chiapas
Dec 15  Peruvian Decaf
Dec 16  Winter
Dec 17  Kenya
Dec 18  Nicaragua Gold Mountain
Dec 19  Guatemala Antigua

The savings will automagically be deducted once you add the coffee to your cart. Season’s greetings!

Coffee, even Decaf, can help cut your risk of Diabetes

IMAG0483-1According to an analysis of 28 studies published in this month’s Diabetes Care, coffee consumption will reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes.  To quote the study, “caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated coffee consumption were both associated with a lower risk of diabetes”.  The study’s findings were unchanging on the basis of both gender and coffee-brewing methods.  One Harvard professor and doctor, Frank B. Hu, found that “a 1-cup / day increment of regular coffee was associated with a 9% reduction in diabetes and 1-cup / day of decaf was associated with a 6% reduction.”  Of course, this doesn’t mean coffee shouldn’t be your main asset; maintaining a healthy diet and exercising is the most important way to reduce risk of diabetes.  However, this added health benefit comes as great news to us coffee drinkers.

February’s Coffee of the Month: Bali Kintamani


February is the month of love… and we picked a coffee you’ll fall in love with as our Coffee of the Month.  With it’s exceptional strawberry tasting notes, our Bali Kintamani is the perfect choice to highlight our love for coffee.  The central Indonesian island of Bali is located in the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java and Lombok. It’s largely volcanic terrain contributes to its excellent fertility, and its towering mountain ranges encourage the high rainfall that supports highly productive coffee growing regions.  The use of pesticides is prohibited on Bali and all fertilizers are 100% organic.  Once picked, the Bali Kintamani beans are naturally processed by the sun, which is the original method of processing coffee, and thus exhibits lower acidity and robust body.  Additionally, our Kintamani beans are Rainforest Alliance certified.  Learn more here.

January’s Coffee of the Month: El Salvador Altamira

131229192603-el-salvador-volcano-story-topWe have chosen our El Salvador Altamira as January’s coffee of the month in response to the recent Chaparrastique volcano eruption. On December 29th, the volcano, located in the central-eastern part of the country near San Miguel, began to erupt for the first time since 1976.  As of January 4, it is now lofting smoke and ash three miles into the sky and has forced evacuations to nearby residents.  More eruptions, including lava flow, are possible.

Coffee has long been a chief export of El Salvador.  At one point in the late 1970’s, coffee production was responsible for 50% of the country’s growth domestic product.  Our El Salvador Altamira comes from the region of Sonsonate (“place of many waters”), which is a largely agricultural area with rich volcanic soil once known for its chocolate production. Coffee beans from this area have earned the SHG (strictly high grown) designation, with farms being at least 4,000 feet above sea level. This Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee produces a round, full-bodied cup with mild to medium acidity and sweetness.

El Salvador Altamira will be available throughout the month of January on our coffee page as well as at both our 25 Jay St and 200 Flushing Av locations. We’ll be donating $.50 per lb this month to relief efforts. You can help out by donating to FINCA, a global charitable microfinance organization serves clients throughout all 14 of El Salvador‘s provinces.

A Step by Step Journey of Coffee Planting, Picking, Processing and Production at Colombia Santa Barbara Estate

Michael Pollack recently journeyed to Colombia to view Santa Barbara Estate’s harvest. In these photos, we will take you through the complete cycle of coffee at the estate. We are lucky enough to carry the Santa Barbara Estate’s coffee, you can order it here.

IMG_2199 From bean to bean.  An unroasted coffee seed about to be planted.

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