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Try out the Good To Go Cup at Brooklyn Roasting Company

47c6aaf4c74611e39f010002c9db04c6_8The Good To Go Cup campaign is aiming to reinvent the way New Yorkers enjoy a cup of coffee. The campaign, the result of a student project at The DO School, is aiming to improve the to-go coffee experience while reducing waste and Brooklyn Roasting Company is proud to be a part of the pilot program.  Head to our 25 Jay Street location April 21-23rd, to be one of the first to test a new approach to your daily cup of coffee.  Learn more about the program here. 

The New York Daily News spoke with BRC co-owner Jim Munson and noted that “already bought about 200 of the sturdy blue cups” by the afternoon of the program’s first day.  News 12 Brooklyn came by to try out a Good To Go Cup and interviewed Jim in their recap.  The New York Observer and Brooklyn Magazine also highlighted the program.

“The amount of paper waste is the dirty secret of the coffee retail business,” Jim told The Daily News. “We want to solve the problem.”

Wall Street Journal Highlights New York City’s New “Good to Go” Cup

9122eb2008ee11e3ab3c22000a1fc513_7The Wall Street Journal highlighted the “Good to Go” cup, which was the result of New York City schools’ Sustainable Cup Challenge. The article interviewed Michael Pollack and Jim Munson about Brooklyn Roasting Company’s support and participation in the program. “Coffee that tastes good and does good resonates with New Yorkers,” Mr. Munson said. “Embracing a cup that doesn’t negatively impact the environment is just another form of responsible and sustainable consumption.” The “Good to Go” cup will give customers the option to have their coffee served in a reusable cup, which will then be washed, sanitized and reused. “These (cups) are still going,” Michael Pollack, co-owner of the Brooklyn Roasting Company said. “They just have the ability to come back.” Read the rest of the article here.

New Study Suggests Coffee is Good for Your Liver!

1389547_575758459180535_1335414168_nAccording to a overview of 16 studies published in Gastroenterology, it may be time to write a prescription for a cup of coffee to help your liver.  The overview shows that their is accumulating evidence to suggest that coffee helps prevent liver inflammation.  To quote the study, “coffee has been demonstrated to have beneficial effects on weight gain, development of diabetes, the prevention of hepatic fibrosis in NAFLD, and other chronic liver diseases, including chronic hepatitis C, as well as reduction of HCC.” Of course, the benefits of coffee aren’t significant enough to “treat” liver disease, but the mounting evidence is showing that a cup of coffee may have preventative effects.  Doctors also believe you should tell your friends about the benefits, according to Dr. Morris Sherman, awareness of coffee’s benefits to the liver is still very low.

Brooklyn Roasting Company Profiled by “Our Name is Farm”

We were delighted that Our Name Is Farm, a local blog whose mission is to share the stories of the farmers and artisanal producers who are invested in feeding America sustainably and responsibly, stopped by 25 Jay Street to talk coffee with Michael Pollack and lead barista Kelsey.   They also cooked up a delicious Banana Coffee Muffins in the process. Watch the video to the left.

Gothamist Names Brooklyn Roasting Company One of the 10 Best Coffee Shops in NYC!

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 3.23.51 PM We are honored that Gothamist for including us in their list of the 10 Best Coffee Shops in New York City.  This list comprises some of their favorite coffee shops, in their respective neighborhoods, evaluated for all-around coffee quality, atmosphere and style. They highlighted the taste of our sustainably sourced coffees, saying that “basic blends like Columbia Santa Barbara, Guat Antigua and Iris Espresso stand strong with nothing more than a dash of milk, though you won’t be disappointed with, say, a cortado.”