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Single Origin 6oz Tin Bundle (With Diner Mug)

Single Origin 6oz Tin Bundle (With Diner Mug)

Our 3 single origin 6oz tins, plus a BRC diner mug!


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El Bombo Cooperative, Colombia

The El Bombo cooperative only recently began cultivating coffee, but already produces a range of top-lots.  This very high grown coffee is creamy and complex with warm maple and dark chocolate in the aroma and finish. 6oz tin.

Kochere Cooperative, Ethiopia

This co-op is located in the Gedeo district in southernmost Ethiopia.  A mixture of indigenous heirloom varietals and wet processing results in a particularly delicate cup, best appreciated as a light roast. 6oz tin.

Worka Cooperative, Ethiopia

The Worka Cooperative of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia comprises more than 300 farmers cultivating heirloom varietals near coffee’s birthplace along the Great Rift Valley.  Nuanced and delicate, this exquisite coffee fills a room with its intense aroma. 6oz tin.