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Sumatra Ketiara

Sumatra Ketiara



Origin: Central Aceh, North Sumatra, Indonesia
Altitude: 3,937 – 4,921 feet
Varieties: Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra & Typica
Process:Wet hulled, Giling Baseh
Drying: Sun Dried
Roast: Dark (450)
Notes: Bold, Earth & Pure Cacao
Certified: Fair Trade, organically farmed



Our Sumatra Aceh coffee comes from the Kopepi Ketiara Cooperative, lead by a woman named Ibu Rahmah, located in the Gayo region of northern Sumatra near the town of Takengon. They produce Fair Trade coffee almost exclusively and handle the coffee from seed to export. Established in 2009, the cooperative became Fair Trade and Organic certified in 2011 and is committed to maintaining those certifications along with sustainable farming practices. Currently, the cooperative has just under 2,000 members and The cooperative also decided to allocate their income from Fair Trade premiums to healthcare, education and public infrastructure initiatives. With a majority of their members women, they continue to promote women’s involvement in all aspects of coffee production and trade.

Most Sumatran coffee is processed using a semi-washed method, or “Giling Basah”. This gives the pre-roasted bean a blueish hue and a reduced acidity. Here is a brief video explaining the difference between a washed process, and Giling Basah. Directly translated, Giling Basah means “wet grinding” and is also known as wet hulling, semi-washed, and semi-dried. The process involves two stages of drying, once after is mucilage is washed off and once after its parchment is taken off. The coffee is dried exposed to the open air, rather than in its parchment (as it is in a washed coffee). This process imparts earthy notes as well as a big mouthfeel to the coffee, a signature flavor profile of Sumatran coffees.