Costa Rica is February’s Coffee of the Month

We’ve selected our Costa Rica as February’s Coffee of the Month. Grown at CooproNaranjo, a cooperative of coffee growers in the West Valley region. The rich soils and warm, humid climate of this region proved to be ideal for growing coffee, and since the early 19th century coffee has become the country’s principal export product.  Founded in 1960, CooproNaranjo is a cooperative of coffee growers in the county of Naranjo. It’s early aims were to pool efforts for coffee processing, and purchase a shared mill. The cooperative has gone on to implement comprehensive measures to improve coffee quality and production. Wet-processed and sun-dried, our Costa Rica has a bold, natural feel with subtly sweet tasting notes.  Through February, pick up Costa Rica for $1 off in our online store (savings automatically applied) and in our cafes.

Warm Up with Winter Blend, Our Coffee of the Month for January

“Brace yourself, Winter (Blend) is coming.”  We’ve chosen our bold and balanced Winter Blend as January’s Coffee of the Month. This distinctive, Fair Trade certified blend is made up of the same coffees found in our Iris blend, but roasted darker to give it a nice, full body. The warming and spicy blend of Peru, Sumatra Permata Gayo and Ethiopian Natural has lingering caramel and cocoa-tinged finish that make it perfect for these cold winter months.  Through January, pick up Winter Blend for $1 off in our online store (savings automatically applied) and in our cafes.

This month we will have some exclusive weekly offerings in our cafes! Be sure to stop in for a cup.
Jan. 11th-17th: Sulawesi
Jan. 18th-24th: Nicaragua Gold Mountain
Jan. 25th-31st: Java Taman Dadar

Announcing Our BRC Sampler: Get Six Tins for $75

DSC_0175-credit-Brooklyn-Roasting-CompanyIt’s that time of year again! Gear up for the holidays with some sustainably sourced Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee.  For the holidays, we are also offering a six tins for $75 deal featuring six of our fan favorite roasts.  This is the perfect deal to spread the coffee love to those on your gift list… or spoil a big coffee lover with.  Head back to our site throughout the holiday season; we’ll be launching more deals soon!


BRC named Best Local Brew by Gothamist

Gothamist just released their list of The 16 Best Coffee Shops In NYC and Brooklyn Roasting Company is honored to be a part of the list.  BRC was honored as Best Local Brew noting that our cafe “offers up fierce brews out of a capacious warehouse… blends like Columbia Santa Barbara, Guat Antigua and Iris Espresso stand strong with nothing more than a dash of milk, though you won’t be disappointed with, say, a cortado, for instance.” They also noted our locations at 200 Flushing Av, West Elm Dumbo and 50 23rd Street in the Flatiron district.  Read the rest of the article here.

Celebrate November with Two Coffees of the Month

This month, Brooklyn Roasting Company is honoring two distinct and historical growing regions as our Coffees of the Month. Coffee production in Sumatra began in the 18th century in the northern region of Aceh and continues to this day.  The Permata Gayo Cooperative is a union of 50 coffee farmers spread throughout five villages in the Bandar sub-district of the Aceh region of Sumatra.  Wet-hulling and sun drying  gives these beans more body and enhances the earthy, chocolatey character that makes Sumatran coffee so popular.  Our Brazil recently got a label makeover to honor the colors of the Brazilian flag.  It is grown in the mountainous, southern Minas Gerais state which is Brazil’s oldest and most traditional production region. The coffees of this region are naturally processed and produce fruity notes, with pleasant acidity and medium body.


All month long, you can pick up Brazil or Sumatra Permata Gayo for $1 off!