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The Associated Press Profiles BRC’s Commitment to Fair Trade Coffee

Jim Munson AP Fair Trade Brooklyn RoastingThe Associated Press took a look into Fair Trade products and focused on Brooklyn Roasting Company’s commitment to serving and selling Fair Trade coffees.  The article looks into the process of Fair Trade certification and what it entails for producers, manufacturers, customers and the Fair Trade organization itself.  Fair Trade USA estimates the domestic market at $2 billion which, for now, makes up just a sliver of U.S. grocery sales. To quote the article, “demand for Fair Trade products is rising as people become more aware of how their food and other products are made. That makes the Fair Trade market a growing opportunity for small business owners.” “In a thoughtful urban center like New York City, I think it’s a smart business decision to be the company known for responsible coffee sourcing,” co-owner Jim Munson says.  Read the rest of the article here.

BRC supports The West Coffee Shop

the westThe West, a Williamsburg coffee shop who proudly serve Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee, posted a letter to their website about a new neighbor moving in.  In just a few days, Williamsburg will get it’s first Starbucks and it will be located just a block away from The West’s location at 379 Union Avenue.  The West is ready!  To quote the post, “To some this seems emblematic of the end of an era, but [The West believes] this chain establishment will only help to highlight the best of what a locally owned business has to offer.”” In response to the Starbucks opening, The West’s owner, Esther Bell, says, “We have bathrooms too… no seriously we’ve always been about supporting the community—we have great locally roasted coffee, craft beer, and cocktails. But above all, we partner with artists, web developers and programmers for presentations, fundraisers, screenings, and readings.  Our neighbors come to us because they feel we are an extension of their home, or a comfortable place to work and have a good time.”

What makes The West special, in addition to coffee, is the staff and the atmosphere. It is a quintessential neighborhood spot. Authentic warm and relaxing atmosphere, fantastic backyard, walk up window, a place to meet friends and hang out all day. At the West, almost all the staff are foodies and coffee fanatics. People interested in great coffee and food, and who take the time to do things right. Coffee and Food isn’t just “a job,” it’s a passion and career.  Right now they are serving our Brazil SSG (also BRC’s Coffee of the Month) on drip and cold brew. Their cold brew is fantastic, caramel and chocolate notes; like coffee as desert.  For Espresso they are using our Sumatra Espresso. It’s a classic New York Espresso, nice and nutty with a chocolate finish.

So join us in continuing to support The West, who have made a point of carrying local vendors such as Brooklyn Roasting Company, Dona Chai, Two Moon Shortbread, and Dough Donuts. Plus, unlike Starbucks, The West (just like BRC) uses non-GMO local farm fresh milk from Battenkill Cream.  Read the whole post here and check out Brooklyn Magazine’s recap as well.  


Other news in brief:

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Gothamist Takes a Look at Iced Coffee Prices

071014bkroastGothamist explored the issue of rising iced coffee prices and spoke with BRC’s Michael Pollack and other business owners who’ve recently had to adjust their iced coffee prices.  The hike is due to a rise of coffee commodity pricing as well as other factors such as the costs of ice, cups and higher bean count in cold brewing.  “From February on, all prices were going up, you had to buy it fast,” says Pollack. “That way you can lock it in for future prices as well… Prices for everyone have gone up.”  Read the whole article here.

City Seem Stinky? BuzzFeed Says Come Smell the Coffee at BRC

BRCWhen the smell of New York City in the hot, humid weather becomes unpleasant, be thankful that BuzzFeed listed 19 Places To Go In NYC To Get Away From That Nasty Summer Smell.  Our 25 Jay Street cafe and roastery made the list because, as the author put it, “once you smell the slow-roasting coffee beans at Brooklyn Roasting Company you won’t be able to think of anything else.”  Other more aromatic places include the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Bien Cuit, the fantastic Boreum Hill bakery that also serves BRC coffee.  View the full list here.

Happy Bike To Work Day! Get Free BRC Coffee at Transportation Alternatives Fueling Stations

MyAssetTag Supports Bike to WorkRide your bike to work on Friday, May 16th!  Everyday bike commuters and those who wish they did unite: it’s time for Bike to Work Day, the national holiday celebrating your two-wheeled commute.  Join the Transportation Alternatives folks at fueling stations across the five boroughs for free Brooklyn Roasting Company iced coffee, Vita Coco and KIND Healthy Snacks. They’ll also be offering special perks when you join or renew your T.A. membership including free bike lights, reflective buttons, wellness kits, water bottles and more.


Where you can find Transportation Alternatives fueling stations:

* Brooklyn Roasting Company (25 Jay Street, DUMBO)
* Brooklyn Bridge (lower tower)
* Hudson River Greenway (W. 72nd Street)
* Joyce Kilmer Park (E. 161 Street and Grand Concourse)
* Madison Square Park (24th Street and 5th Avenue)
* Manhattan Bridge (Manhattan side bike path exit)
* Queensboro Bridge (Queens side, entrance to bike path)
* Staten Island Ferry (St. George Terminal)
* Williamsburg Bridge (Brooklyn side, entrance to bike path)