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September Coffee of the Month: 3D

We’ve chosen our eye-popping 3D blend as September’s Coffee of the Month.  A rich blend of our Fair Trade Mexico, naturally processed Brazil Sítio São Geraldo and high grown Colombia Santa Barbara, 3D offers a dimension of taste not known to the common coffee blend.  Deep and dark, with subtle spice and prominent notes of blood orange and roasted walnut, 3D is a fan favorite often served on bar at our cafe locations.  Throughout the month of September, you can purchase 3D for $1 off both online and in our cafes.

News In Brief

The Village Voice explored the expanding coffee scene in the Flatiron district, including a look at our 50 23rd St cafe. Read more.

William & Park profiled our 25 Jay St. cafe, saying it is “not just a typical coffee shop, but more like a playground for caffeine lovers, with all the ingredients to satisfy one’s visual, tactile, and olfactory senses.”  Read the profile here.

Brooklyn Roasting Company Featured on Fodor’s List of Brooklyn’s Best Coffee Shops

DSC_0971Fodor’s Travel compiled a list of the Best Coffee Shops in Brooklyn, and we are honored to have made the list.  “Artfully disheveled staffers brew coffee from fair-trade and rainforest alliance-certified beans, while local gallerists and start-up techies flirt over perfectly poured cortados and other beverages at this café adjacent to the East River. The loft-style, industrial space is filled with antique roasting equipment and ample seating. There are pastries and sandwiches as well.”  Read the article here.


Brooklyn Roasting Company also made the Newcastle Herald’s list of 20 Reasons to Visit the Big Apple.  The paper suggests biking the Brooklyn Bridge and then rewarding yourself with a BRC coffee. Read the article here.

Brooklyn Magazine Profiles BRC’s Nitro Cold Brew


Brooklyn Magazine‘s Marcy Franklin took the trip across the river to our new cafe at 50 W. 23rd Street in the Flatiron district of Manhattan to try out our Nitro Cold Brew.  It’s safe to say she was impressed!

“…I may have found my ultimate cold brew, made by the good people at Brooklyn Roasting Company–that is, when I find myself across the river in Manhattan.

…So what is it? At Brooklyn Roasting, it’s a Sumatran cold brew treated to the nitrogen gas tank, giving it that soft, bubbly mouthfeel and creamy texture–not totally unlike a pull of Guinness at the bar. The nitrogen pushes the cold brew through the taps in a similar fashion to a draught beer, which explains the cascading, foamy head to the coffee…It’s extra smooth and takes some of the acidic edge off my regular cold brew–no need for milk. I took a sip, and relaxed. This is the kind of cold brew I could get used to.”

Read the rest of the article here.

American Institute of Graphic Arts Profiles Jim Munson and the BRC Logo

brooklyn-roasting-company-aiga-design3The AIGA sat down to talk with Brooklyn Roasting Company co-founder Jim Munson about the BRC logo. Munson, a self-taught illustrator, designed the company logo in 2009.


“…The Brooklyn Roasting Company sports a homegrown mark—a mix of hand-drawn type and all-caps Impact—that makes its way onto plastic cups, labels, tins, signage, T-shirts, mugs, and just about everything else made by the six-year-old company.


“Munson, who was a partner at the Brooklyn Brewery before turning his attention to coffee, has always loved art and design. An avid photographer, he studied art history in college and, in addition to his role as VP at the brewery, Munson also acted as the in-house or “back-up” designer to Milton Glaser, working on brochures or other collateral beyond the iconic “B” logo, when Glaser’s services were deemed too expensive. Self-taught, the experience shaped his approach to crafting a memorable identity. “At the brewery, I learned the importance of a business projecting its logo and only its logo, as often as possible,” Munson says.”

Read more on the AIGA Eye On Design Blog.

FOX2 Connecticut Features BRC’s Nitrogen Cold Brew

BRC’s Nitrogen Cold Brew was the focus of a Fox2 profile this week. The bubbly drink that has taken our new cafe at 50 W.23rd Street by storm.


“It is a trend of its own that has been popping up in coffee shops everywhere. Instead of hot-brewing coffee and the cooling it down, cold brew coffee is just that–brewing with cold water over 12 to 24 hours. The results are a smoother, more flavorful coffee.


But a pull of the lever takes this java to the next level: an infusion of nitrogen, which creates a soft, creamy mouthfeel because of small bubbles, according to Munson. It is poured from a tap, like a beer.”

Read the rest of the article here.