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American Institute of Graphic Arts Profiles Jim Munson and the BRC Logo

brooklyn-roasting-company-aiga-design3The AIGA sat down to talk with Brooklyn Roasting Company co-founder Jim Munson about the BRC logo. Munson, a self-taught illustrator, designed the company logo in 2009.


“…The Brooklyn Roasting Company sports a homegrown mark—a mix of hand-drawn type and all-caps Impact—that makes its way onto plastic cups, labels, tins, signage, T-shirts, mugs, and just about everything else made by the six-year-old company.


“Munson, who was a partner at the Brooklyn Brewery before turning his attention to coffee, has always loved art and design. An avid photographer, he studied art history in college and, in addition to his role as VP at the brewery, Munson also acted as the in-house or “back-up” designer to Milton Glaser, working on brochures or other collateral beyond the iconic “B” logo, when Glaser’s services were deemed too expensive. Self-taught, the experience shaped his approach to crafting a memorable identity. “At the brewery, I learned the importance of a business projecting its logo and only its logo, as often as possible,” Munson says.”

Read more on the AIGA Eye On Design Blog.

FOX2 Connecticut Features BRC’s Nitrogen Cold Brew

BRC’s Nitrogen Cold Brew was the focus of a Fox2 profile this week. The bubbly drink that has taken our new cafe at 50 W.23rd Street by storm.


“It is a trend of its own that has been popping up in coffee shops everywhere. Instead of hot-brewing coffee and the cooling it down, cold brew coffee is just that–brewing with cold water over 12 to 24 hours. The results are a smoother, more flavorful coffee.


But a pull of the lever takes this java to the next level: an infusion of nitrogen, which creates a soft, creamy mouthfeel because of small bubbles, according to Munson. It is poured from a tap, like a beer.”

Read the rest of the article here.

BRC Offering Jamaica Blue Mountain on June 23rd

jamaicabluemtnlabelFor one day only on June 23rd, we are proud to offer the chance to taste the world renowned, awarding winning Jamaica Blue Mountain at our cafes.

Stop by for the opportunity to try this 100% Grade I Blue Mountain Coffee, certified by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board and produced by the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory. The medium, milk-like body is coupled with tasting notes of chocolate, nutty, and toast.

Be sure to come in June 23rd and get a cup of one of the most sought after coffees in the world.  Available for only $1 extra in cup sizes Small and Medium.


L Magazine Rates BRC Cold Brew Among 6 Best Iced Coffees in Brooklyn

Iced Maple ShayThe L Magazine just posted their list of The 6 Best Iced Coffees in Brooklyn and included our Iced Maple Shay… “The spacious café in this sprawling, DUMBO roastery makes an ideal home office for freelancers, with silky cups of Maple Shay—maple syrup-infused shots of single origin Colombian espresso + Battenkill Valley milk—close at hand, to help stoke inspiration.”

Read the rest of the list here and head to any of our cafes to try an Iced Maple Shay.

BRC’s Nitro Cold Brew Featured in New York Post

Nitro Cold BrewThe New York Post looked into our Nitrogen Cold Brew, one of the most popular choices at our new cafe at 50 West 23rd Street in the Flatiron district of Manhattan.  Our Nitro Cold Brew is “cold-brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas and released through a special, pressurized valve. A full cup, which is served over ice or straight up, looks less like a conventional cold coffee and more like a glass of Guinness. It tastes significantly smoother and richer than your average iced joe.”

The Post was also able to catch up with BRC’s Jim Munson for a few words about the Nitrogen Cold Brew.  “He says that the nitrogen infusion means drinkers taste ‘less acid’ and enjoy an ‘effervescent . . . sparkle’ on the tongue. The drink has been so popular at BRC’s Flatiron location that he plans to install taps at their three Brooklyn cafes, as well.”


Read the rest of the article here and grab a cold brew at 50 West 23rd Street.