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BRC’s Coffee Phog Contest now annual! WIN free coffee for a year

by Ian Umlauf

After such a great response last year,  Brooklyn Roasting Company is announcing our second, now annual, Coffee Phog (Photo-Blog) Photography Contest!  The deadline for submissions will be August 31st.

Whoever takes our three favorite coffee-related or coffee-inspired photos will win 2 lbs of seasonally appropriate coffee every month for twelve months. AND we’ll produce a series of custom labels featuring the winning pictures for use on our retail coffee tins!

The top ten runners up will win gift certificates for use in our cafe at 25 Jay St, DUMBO.

There aren’t very many rules, but here are some helpful hints:

You can use whatever camera you want, phone cameras included.

• We like creative.
• We love coffee.
• We live and breathe the borough of Brooklyn.
• Send as many entries as you want.
• We like color, we like black and white.
• We value outside the cup thinking.
• Most importantly, have fun!

All entries should be sent to phog@brooklynroasting.com


Here are a few of last year’s best:


Good luck!

BRC Cafe, Morning Ferry Service, Transportation Alternatives Serves BRC Coffee

Transportation Alternatives Peddling Brooklyn Roasting Company Coffee to Pedalers on Williamsburg Bridge

The BRC Cafe is taking shape fast, with a French Roast-toned blackened and waxed steel countertop and hand-milled teak bar face.  Ooh-la-la!  And we’ve been interviewing first-rate baristas right and left, with several aces already lined up to start work soon.  If you know any deadeye espresso gunslingers, send ’em our way.



Also, we’re preparing to launch three new mini-BRC cafes aboard the new NY Waterways Ferries, stopping in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, LI City,  before heading in to 34th St in Manhattan before returning to Brooklyn.  NY Waterways is offering free travel for its first two weeks of operation and we will follow suit by serving commuters free coffee during the same period.  Allllll Aboooooard!!!!!


This morning marks the first in a summertime series of Transportation Alternative/Brooklyn Roasting Company collaborations at the Brooklyn bike-lane entrances to the three Brooklyn Bridges.  Two or three times each week, TA will be offering cups of single origin BRC varietals to bicyclist commuters headed into the city and helping all of us breath a little easier by not burning gasoline.  Say “Hi!!” if you’re riding by.


We’d like to welcome Janel, Beth and Dulce to the BRC team.  They’ll be learning the basics in every department–cupping, roasting, serving, packaging, and delivering, before taking on their roles as baristas aboard the ferries and in our shop.


Summer is clearly here and the 80+ heat means a explosion of cold coffee infusion brewing around the city.  BRC’s IgBroo cold brew coffee systems feature muslin cloth bags instead of wasteful and costly paper filters.  These make five gallons at a clip; we’re exploring the possibilities of building IgBrutes with 20 gallon capacities.  H




Submit Your Coffee Related Photography!

The Brooklyn Roasting Company is committed to offering New Yorkers best quality Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic certified coffees.  We buy mostly third party certified coffees because we think that’s the best way to ensure that farmers (and by that we don’t just mean people who own farms) receive fair payment for the crops they grow and harvest.  To guarantee truly superb cup quality, we rigorously taste all of our coffees before deciding whether or not to buy them, and again before they ship whenever possible.  We roast  the beans we purchase in small batches in our Loring Kestrel 1/2 bag roaster –the most advanced small-scale commercial roaster available — to “dial in” the perfect roast and most ideal cup profile.  We taste the coffee again.   We know that what we package for sale to our customers is delicious because we’ve built a quality control system that our own tastebuds tell us works.  We’re certainly not the only coffee company offering delicious coffees, there are plenty by now.  But we’re also pretty hardcore about green thinking, recycled materials and refurbished equipment use, clean-powered distribution (bicycle and bio-deisel van), and old-fashioned friendliness.  We’re really not coffee snobs, we’re just very dedicated coffee lovers.


So….To have a little fun in the midst of all this serious coffee business, we want to invite YOU–our fellow coffee lovers–to celebrate all things coffee with us.  Our PHOG (photography blog) page on this website  will regularly feature pictures taken by our staff and/or submitted by YOU (phog@brooklynroasting.com) including or inspired in some way by great coffee (hopefully made from beans roasted by us!).   These may include a picture of your morning cup, your favorite barista at work in a cafe, a funny bit of latte art or something completely out there.  Our goal is to encourage a sense of community and creativity to balance out the “fun” we have hauling 150 pound bags of green coffee, delivering coffee in NYC traffic or fixing a really disgusting espresso machine. Go photo-crazy for coffee!  If you see your photo appear, call us–we’ll treat you to a free coffee or espresso drink at our cafe when it opens later this month. For our hours of operation or any other info, click on the Contact link above.