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Brooklyn Roasting Company


The Brooklyn Roasting Company sources and serves superb and sustainable coffees from the world’s most renowned growing regions. We favor third-party-certified coffees in order to help guarantee a living wage for historically impoverished farmers. We celebrate the strong local character of Brooklyn and its rich coffee-roasting heritage.

BRC supports sustainable, environmentally friendly farming and trade practices that provide tangible benefits for farmers and other workers all along the coffee supply chain.

While there is no way for any one company to effect radical change in an industry that has historically exploited both the land and the workers who depend upon its bounty for their survival, we are doing what we can to raise wages and improve conditions at the lowest rungs of the coffee ladder. We work with Fair Trade USA, the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States, to ensure that we are making progress toward our goal.

We know that many of our customers just want a great-tasting cup of coffee, but we consider the education of those who are willing to listen to be part of our responsibility as wholesalers and retailers. We try to make this information readily available for the asking.

We take great pride in roasting our selections to exacting standards to ensure strict quality control. Education and training of our staff, wholesale customers, and consumers is a top priority; we enjoy sharing the knowledge and experience that guides us in our painstaking selection of super-premium, connoisseur-quality coffees. Being informed about coffee can be an end unto itself, but it also helps make that great-tasting cup possible.