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NY Photo Festival, Slow Money, BRC Cafe, new Website

NY Photo Festival, Slow Money, BRC Cafe, new Website

Egg owner George Weld presents at Slow Money NY conference
 He’s a Funny Guy–and Smart.

The Brooklyn Roasting Company has bitten off a lot in the last few weeks.  After Team BRC successfully sponsored and rode in the first Gran Fondo NY Bike Race to Bear Mountain (Rob, Ethan, Phil, OB, and Brian on bikes with Jim, Dan and Emily coordinating coffee support), we bounced right back to brew for our friends at the NY Photo Festival for four days of hot coffee under the big tent at DUMBO's Tobacco Warehouse.  And just today--three days into the Photo Festival--we also brewed some delicious Nicaraguan coffee for the Slow Money event (organized by Nicole Reed and friends) on Atlantic Ave.  We're heading back over in an hour or so to The Commons to attend a round table panel discussion featuring Farmer George Weld and his helper and "Hoops" lover Holly Howard.

At the same time, big things are in motion at 25 Jay St. as we gear up to open our first retail coffee shop and espresso bar.  The "Robot" Herschenfeld is working like a cobbler's elf (usually very late at night or just before The Times lands in the newsstand) constructing our blackened steel countertop and shelving.  We hope to be open within the month and if our recent progress is any indication, we have a chance of hitting our target.  If the people who pop in off the street asking when well be open are any indication, DUMBO is desperate for good coffee.  We're going to blow them away.

It's hard not to notice our new website (each time you visit our banner logo greets you with a different color combo), but it'll be a while before it's finished.  Our old blogs haven't migrated, nor have we completed our Coffee-Losophy page.  Soon.

Last, BRC bio-diesel Van #1 is on the road, with Nabeen Singha manning the wheel and conducting all special field ops for the company.  You may also see Dan Shepard cruising the streets on the BRC Bullitt bike from Copenhagen, with front and rear hydraulic brakes capable of carrying a 400 lb payload.  Watch out New York, we are rolling with a purpose.

Michael is blowing us away these days with our new crop of coffees--yesterday we tasted another delicious roast of Huehuetenango, Guat's (El Injertal, Rainforest Alliance certified).  Sweet, bright, lemony with walnuts and chocolate in the finish.  And pulling shots of the latest batch of BQE Espresso is simply an essential part of our day.  Camilla, we can't wait to welcome you.