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New Food, New on-the-go Cold Broo, and a New Look

New Food, New on-the-go Cold Broo, and a New Look

It's Spring 2018 and that means new things to come for Brooklyn Roasting Company! We are excited to announce new products at our locations.

We have partnered with executive chef, nutrition educator and chef instructor Tricia Williams to launch a program at our stores to promote healthy clean eating. Williams' line of Daily Dose products are committed to providing organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, and with no refined sugars. Alongside this, she also wants to promote sustainable farming practices with pasture-raised meat and wild-caught seafood. We are now serving everything from sandwiches to smoothies, with more to come. Click here to view the menu.

We have also launched some amazing Cold Broo which perfect as we are reaching the summer. Our Cold Broo, much like the cold brew we serve at stores, are bold, cold, and colorful and come in two flavors. We carry one in Sumatra, which is brewed using coffee beans from the Sumatra region of Indonesia and roasted dark for a more robust composition. We also carry another in Java Mocha, which is a blend between dark roast from Sumatra and a light roast from Ethiopia. Bottles are available in all Brooklyn Roasting Company locations as well several cafes and grocery stores around New York City. Click here to check out our locations.