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BRC has World Cup Coffee Fever

BRC has World Cup Coffee Fever

The 2014 World Cup is underway and Brooklyn Roasting Company will be showing our support by brewing coffees to represent some of the countries in each day's tournament matches.

Here is the schedule:

FRI 6/13
Mexican Chiapas and Brazil Sítio São Geraldo

SAT 6/14
Colombia Santa Barbara and Costa Rica

SUN 6/15
Honduras and Peru High Grown Andes

MON 6/16
Kenya and Ethiopian Sidamo

TUE 6/17
Brazil Sítio São Geraldo and Mexican Chiapas

WED 6/18
Tanzania Peaberry and Mexican Chiapas

THU 6/19
Peru High Grown Andes and Colombia Santa Barbara

FRI 6/20
Honduras and Costa Rica

SAT 6/21
Kenya and Ethiopian Yirgecheffe

SUN 6/22
Peru High Grown Andes and Tanzania Peaberry

MON 6/23
Brazil Sítio São Geraldo and Kenya 

TUE 6/24
Costa Rica and Colombia Santa Barbara

WED 6/25
Honduras and Ethiopian Yirgecheffe

THU 6/26
Peru High Grown Andes and Tanzania Peaberry

FRI 6/27
Brazil Sítio São Geraldo and Mexican Chiapas