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Kenya and Dark Peru are September's Coffees of the Month

This is going to be a September to remember for lovers of superb, sustainable coffees.  This month Brooklyn Roasting Company will feature our Peru Sol y Cafe, roasted dark, opposite our Kenya Nyeri Gura. These coffees offer a broad spectrum of roast and flavor profiles.

peru2Peru (roasted dark in cafes only)

This particular lot is Certified Fair Trade and Organic, as well as shade grown. This practice is much more ecologically responsible and promotes biodiversity by hosting many species of flora and fauna. Unlike sun-grown coffee, there is little need for chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers as the ecosystem provides a natural balance. Practices such as this greatly improve carbon sequestration as well as well as promoting biodiversity.  The dark roasted Peru offers a bit of a bolder cup, but its inherent sweetness and savory notes still come through. This is a coffee for black coffee drinkers and mixers alike.


Kenyan coffees are regarded as some of the best coffees you can get, and are used consistently in roasting and barista competitions. This Kenya Nyeri Gura stands tall with all the other Kenyan offerings we've had. Due in part to the soil and elevation of Kenya's growing regions, but also due to varietal selection. Though the varietal designations of SL## may look a bit confusing, this is only a designation given by a company called Scott Laboratories. There are many identified varietal with such a designation, but not so many have had the success and flavor profile of the SL28, and SL34 varieties.

Also, BRC will be offering very exclusive Coffee of the Week for the month of September.  Don't miss your chance to try these rare, small lot roasts.

September 5-11: Honduras Natural
September 12-18: Panama Geisha
September 19-25: Hawaiian Peaberry

News In Brief:

New York Times posted a list entitled 12 Tips for Living a Longer Life.  #1 on the list? Drink coffee!

BRC is proud to be #4 of The Farm Soho's list of the 22 Best Coffee Shops in NYC!