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"The Lab" and Broo Bar (25 Jay St in Brooklyn)

"The Lab" and Broo Bar (25 Jay St in Brooklyn)

At Brooklyn Roasting Company, we strongly believe in the quality of every batch of coffee that leaves the roaster. That's why, in the front of our 25 Jay Street roasting warehouse we've set up a cafe. Well, you might call it a cafe, but we call it "The Lab." A place we can test every single coffee we roast before it leaves the premises. Of course, you can come in, relax, and grab a cup to stay or go!

Hot coffee for $1.50 (8 oz) or $2.00 (12 oz), cold-brewed iced coffee for $2.50 (16 oz) or $3.00 (20 oz) and all your favorite espresso drinks from $2 to $3.50.  During morning and afternoon rush hours, we even set up an express line "Broo Bar" for hand-brewed drinks.

We also serve a variety of treats made by our friends at Dough, Margo Patisserie, and Colson Patisserie!  From donuts to croissants, cookies, financiers, and even sandwiches after 11:00 AM.  We also have fresh apples available from the Red Jacket Orchards in Geneva, NY.