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August Coffee of the Month: Ethiopian Amaro Gayo


Brooklyn Roasting Company is proud to offer the exclusive Ethiopian Amaro Gayo as our August Coffee of the Month. Sent to us by the only female coffee exporter and miller in Ethiopia, Asnakech Thomas, this coffee has slight blueberry dried banana, and stonefruit notes, nuanced florals, and has excellent body and balance.  Harvested yearly from February to October, our Amaro Gayo is dried on raised beds, eliminating contact with the soil and resulting in a much cleaner coffee. These raised beds also provide even aeration, in which the dry air can reach the bean from both above and below the beds. This combination results in a very consistent quality and flavor profile.  Pick up a tin this month on our online store.

News In Brief

-Reuters published a piece to outlining how cold brew is transforming the summertime coffee market and interviewed BRC's Michael Pollack.
-Coffee consumption may impact the risk of mild cognitive impairment.