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July Coffee of the Month: Brazil Sítio São Geraldo

brazilssg12We've selected our naturally processed Brazil Sítio São Geraldo as July's Coffee of the Month.  Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer; the country is responsible for about a third of all coffee. Sítio São Geraldo is located in Sul de Minas, the mountainous southern region of the Minas Gerais state of Brazil, at an altitude of roughly 3,000 feet. With pleasant acidity, this medium body single origin produces nutty, chocolatey tasting notes.  A favorite among BRC customers, Brazil Sítio São Geraldo is $1 off all month on our site and in our cafes.

Our monthly schedule for Coffee of the Week in our cafe:

June 29- July 5: Costa Rica

July 6- 12: Sumatra Permata Gayo

July 13-19: Tanzania Peaberry

July 20-26: Peru High Grown Andes

July 27- August 2: Ethiopian Natural