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BRC's Nitro Cold Brew Featured in New York Post

BRC's Nitro Cold Brew Featured in New York Post

The New York Post looked into our Nitrogen Cold Brew, one of the most popular choices at our new cafe at 50 West 23rd Street in the Flatiron district of Manhattan.  Our Nitro Cold Brew is "cold-brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas and released through a special, pressurized valve. A full cup, which is served over ice or straight up, looks less like a conventional cold coffee and more like a glass of Guinness. It tastes significantly smoother and richer than your average iced joe."

The Post was also able to catch up with BRC's Jim Munson for a few words about the Nitrogen Cold Brew.  "He says that the nitrogen infusion means drinkers taste 'less acid' and enjoy an 'effervescent . . . sparkle' on the tongue. The drink has been so popular at BRC’s Flatiron location that he plans to install taps at their three Brooklyn cafes, as well."

Read the rest of the article here and grab a cold brew at 50 West 23rd Street.