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Brooklyn Magazine Profiles BRC's Nitro Cold Brew

Brooklyn Magazine Profiles BRC's Nitro Cold Brew

Brooklyn Magazine's Marcy Franklin took the trip across the river to our new cafe at 50 W. 23rd Street in the Flatiron district of Manhattan to try out our Nitro Cold Brew.  It's safe to say she was impressed!

"...I may have found my ultimate cold brew, made by the good people at Brooklyn Roasting Company–that is, when I find myself across the river in Manhattan.

...So what is it? At Brooklyn Roasting, it’s a Sumatran cold brew treated to the nitrogen gas tank, giving it that soft, bubbly mouthfeel and creamy texture–not totally unlike a pull of Guinness at the bar. The nitrogen pushes the cold brew through the taps in a similar fashion to a draught beer, which explains the cascading, foamy head to the coffee...It’s extra smooth and takes some of the acidic edge off my regular cold brew–no need for milk. I took a sip, and relaxed. This is the kind of cold brew I could get used to."

Read the rest of the article here.