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Reader's Digest: 28 Perfect Secret Santa Gift Ideas Anyone Will Love

Reader's Digest: 28 Perfect Secret Santa Gift Ideas Anyone Will Love

Reader's Digest: 28 Perfect Secret Santa Gift Ideas Anyone Will Love

by Bryce Gruber

Secret Santa gifts are actually tough to find because they need to be genderless and ageless and within a specific budget. We rounded up the best Secret Santa gift ideas at all the right prices.

The whole office will appreciate this, under $10


Double Hand Sanitizervia amazon.com

A thoughtful two-pack of Zoono GermFree 24 Double Hand Sanitizers will be appreciated by just about everyone in the office—especially during flu season. The light, foamy formula protects skin from harmful germs for up to 24 hours, and that’s something to be celebrated.

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For school Secret Santa parties, under $10 

First grade activity bookvia amazon.com

The foolproof way to win the school Secret Santa pool is to bring something fun, gender neutral, inexpensive, and wholly approved by parents of all types. The Highlights The Big Fun First Grade Activity Book is exactly that—and it comes in a variety of other age and stage levels as well.

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Practical uses, under $10 

Cast iron brush and scrapervia amazon.com

Yes, chocolate has health benefits, but it’s also just crazy-delicious and hard to scrape off your best pots and cast iron pans. This Full Circle Tenacious C Cast Iron Brush and Scraper is what kitchen dreams are made of, offering a top edge scrubber and bristles designed specifically for the trendiest cast iron cookware. Take that, burnt-on brownie batter. Find out the hidden gems on Amazon you’ll wish you already owned.

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Extremely useful gifting, under $10

Aveeno Lotionvia amazon.com

The office superheroes on your floor will love you for a lifetime when they unwrap a new bottle of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion. It’s loaded with real oats to seal in moisture, offers an extremely subtle scent, and takes care of all sorts of unexpected workday dryness for both men and women alike.

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Addictive savory snacks, under $10

Seaweed thinsvia amazon.com

If you buy individual packs in stores, these GimMe Snacks Seaweed Almond Sesame Thins are actually under $5 each, but if you’re looking to pass out a bunch, keep some for yourself, or participate in more than one Secret Santa gift ideas exchange, you’ll probably want to buy the 12-pack, which is under $40.

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Crave-worthy lip balms, under $15

Essential oil lip balmvia amazon.com

Everyone, and we mean everyone, can use lip balms, which is why this Three-Pack of Moroccan Magic Organic Argan & Essential Oil Lip Balms is sure to be a hit when it comes time for Secret Santa. They’re loaded with real Moroccan nut oils to soothe and replenish dry, chapped lips.

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Something healthy and useful, under $15

Apres mint cacao protein shakevia amazon.com

A load of healthy, plant-based snacks never hurt anyone in the Secret Santa pool, which is why Après Plant-Based Vegan Protein Shake in Mint Cacao is the non-GMO, dairy-Free, gluten-free, soy-free, and kosher solution to your pickiest and healthiest office Secret Santa group. Whoever gets a couple of these shakes can use them for a healthy snack, a midday pick-me-up, protein boost, or even as a meal replacement in a pinch. Order them by the dozen, but give three for a sweet and refreshing gift under $15. Check out these stocking stuffers for under $10.

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The most nostalgia-inducing coffee mug, about $15

Mr. Rogers Mugvia amazon.com

This Mister Rogers Heat Changing Coffee Mug is a color-changing, upbeat way to get your colleagues to pay better attention to whose mug they’re stealing, and remember to laugh a little.

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For a 3 p.m. boost, about $15

Peru coffeevia amazon.com

For the coworker who keeps talking about their deep-seated need of an afternoon cup, Brooklyn Roasting Company Fair Trade Certified Peru Coffee is the trendy and delicious way to get the job done. Better yet, since it’s universally desired, it’s one of the best Secret Santa gifts out there—because coffee is a very necessary commodity.

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High protein cookies (yes, they exist!)under $20

Protein cookievia amazon.com

Believe it or not, some cookies were designed to be healthy. Shocking, right? This news tidbit is exactly why we know the whole Secret Santa pool will love Munk Pack Double Dark Chocolate Cookies. Each six-pack is about $15, vegan, gluten-free, and loaded with 18 grams of real protein to keep them full, satiated, and strong. And if they’re not health nuts, they’re still delicious cookies. These are the best gift ideas for fitness lovers.

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For brighter smiles, under $20


Teeth whitening foamvia amazon.com

Bright, white smiles are universally appealing, which is why we know this Smile Box Teeth Whitening Foam will be a hit with any adult Secret Santa exchange group. It cleans, whitens, freshens, and is safe enough to use every day.

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Stressed people will love this, under $20

Pillow spray essential oilsvia amazon.com

If your office is high-energy and high-stress, it’s a fact that a good night of restful sleep is completely necessary. This Calm Sleep Mist is an easy-to-use pillow spray that utilizes the power of essential oils like lavender, frankincense, chamomile, and clary sage to lull even the most over-worked friends into a peaceful night of sleep.

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The silkiest hand lotions, under $20

Dead sea mineral creamsvia amazon.com

Weather is colder and dryer and just about everyone in the office can use some extra hand cream. This Ahava trio of creams is the perfect answer for anyone in need of a dose of moisture and features real Dead Sea minerals. Don’t miss these 100 Christmas gifts for people who are impossible to shop for.

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A mind-bending game, under $25

Brainbolt gamevia amazon.com

Giving something that stimulates the brain is always a good idea, which is why we love this Educational Insights Brainbolt handheld game. It’s great for growing minds of many sizes, including elementary school deep-thinkers and adults who just need a little time to get their creative juices flowing again.

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A laptop sleeve they’ll love, under $25

Laptop sleevevia amazon.com

Aside from the price point being utterly fabulous, the style of this Parkland Pilot Sleeve Laptop will leave style-conscious men and women alike smiling.

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‘Tis the reason to add some season, under $30

Gourmet saltsvia amazon.com

Whether the recipient ends up being a full-on office gourmand or just someone who appreciates sophisticated flavors, this Golden Door 3-Pack of Gourmet Salts is sure to please for months to come. It’s enough salt to sprinkle on hundreds of meals.

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Something to store all those office salads, under $30

Rubbermaid Produce storage containersvia amazon.com

For the salad-obsessed office, Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver storage containers will be the ultimate Secret Santa gift. They help keep healthy salad ingredients fresher and crisper for way longer than regular containers, which ends up saving time, money, and moods. Find out more food gifts that aren’t fruitcake.

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Stylish sips, under $30

Petal sparkling beveragesvia amazon.com

Change up your typical champagne bottle with a Petal Sparkling Beverage variety pack. It’s the non-alcoholic, stylish way to ring in the new year with bubbles and sophistication. Did we mention it has zero calories? It does, which means it’s entirely guilt-free too.

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The most holiday-appropriate office candle ever, under $30

Homesick scented candlevia amazon.com

This Homesick Scented Candle in “Holiday” scent combines the aromas of fresh cut pine trees, sugar cookies, and Grandma’s pies. It also features a 60- to 80-hour burn time—perfect for the week before Christmas when everyone is eager to get home. Looking for a more comical gift? Get a laugh at these 19 funny Christmas gifts people have actually received.

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Hotter coffee for longer work days, under $35

Tazza mugvia amazon.com

If your office is prone to pulling late nights and longer-than-usual days, this Timolino Tazza Vacuum Mug will be a welcome gift thanks to its ability to keep hot drinks steaming longer than other travel mugs, and its chic design. The stainless steel construction is easy to rinse clean. Here are Amazon Prime gifts for everyone on your list.

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The speakerphone that doubles as a stereo, under $35

Bluetooth speakervia amazon.com

Your coworker might keep the Edifier MP200, a two-inch Bluetooth cube speaker, on her desk for conference calls, but she’ll probably want to take it home instead to stream her favorite music. The deceptively tiny box carries a very big sound for only $34.99.

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Taste can grow on trees (sort of), under $40

Gold pear giftvia harryanddavid.com

Did you know the best, most holiday-worthy pears of all time come wrapped in gold foil? Neither did we till we stumbled upon this Harry & David Royal Riviera Gold Pear Gift set. It’s stocked with ripe, prize-winning quality pears that’ll make the Secret Santa recipient hug you with every bite.

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Why buy flowers when you can get the whole plant? Under $50

Single flower in potvia amazon.com

It may sound like a lofty goal to throw a bouquet into a Secret Santa pot, but for under $50 you can contribute something much more practical and long-lasting—this gorgeous Jackson & Perkins Merry & Bright Amaryllis potted plant.

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For the sun-worshiping office, under $40

Colorscience sun protection duo

via amazon.com

If your office is in a sunbelt state or just generally full of sun worshipers, they’ll be happy to receive this Sun Protection Duo from Colorescience to keep them fully protected through every season.

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A sophisticated soy candle, under $40

Brooklyn candle in studio pinkvia amazon.com

The Brooklyn Candle Studio Pink Disco Candle burns clean and offers a room-lightening scent that’s perfect for relaxation, gliding through work, or trying to de-stress. Don’t miss these all-American holiday gifts for everyone on your list.

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An exotic trip abroad, under $50

Box of soapsvia amazon.com

Did you this Senteurs d’Orient Box Of 3 Ma’amoul Soaps is one part art, one part practical soap? It’s a carved Middle Eastern soap tradition that’s sure to please just about anyone with hands that require washing—which is everyone.

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For the biggest fans, under $50

Eagles super bowl blanketvia amazon.com

What a time to be alive, because all the fans in your office or friendship group will love a chance to get a super-cool NFL sports blanket from the Secret Santa drawing. The Northwest Company offers just about every NFL and college team branded throws you can imagine, so we know your group will be happy.

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Because everyone likes a good meal, under $75

Crock potvia amazon.com

Do you know what everyone really wants this year? A Crock-Pot 6 Qt 8-in-1 Multi-Use Express Crock Programmable Slow Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Sauté, and Steamer, Stainless Steel. Seriously, this is one appliance that’ll replace all the others everyone has, and it’s on just about everyone’s list this year. If you have a bigger Secret Santa budget to work with, you’ll want to get this one ASAP. Next, don’t miss these best friend gifts for every type of friend.

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