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Little Prince Latte Art, Fixed Gear Style and Ferries

 Miller Nuttle and Squid of Transportation Alternatives Ride Into the Sunrise with A Bullitt Full of Cold Brew

 Karolina of Vittoria Makes a Singular “Little Prince” Latte Art Freehand

 Don’t We All!

 Iris Orchid?

 Banner News!!!

These Huge Signs Now Grace The NY Waterway Ferries

 Craned My Neck for This One

 Future Coffee Shop?

 Near Duane St. Patisserie

 The New Style–Handlebar Moustaches, Circus/Tattoo Art, Bicycles, Foxes, Owls, Elephants and Octopi

 She’s a Walking Display at the Renegade Fair in McCarren Park Today

 Circus/Tattoo Art meets Apple