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Jim Munson Featured on From Day One Podcast

Jim Munson Featured on From Day One Podcast

BRC's founder Jim Munson was interviewed on From Day One Podcast, a podcast devoted to exploring how Brooklyn entrepreneurs began and expanded their businesses.  To quote the article,

Jim Munson has had an influential hand in two important local industries: beer and coffee. After spending more than a decade as a VP and partner at Brooklyn Brewery in the 1990s and then seven years as a VP of Dallis Bros. Coffee, he decided to start his own business, inspired by both. “I had the idea in my head to open sort of a Brooklyn-Brewery-like, newfangled entrepreneurial business based in coffee that focused on sustainability, and on a more personal note, a business I could be proud of.”

Munson launched Brooklyn Roasting Co. in 2009 in Williamsburg, right at home. “I started out in my loft. A couple French presses, one espresso machine, and really just bootstrapped it from the beginning,” he says in our podcast. The company grew rapidly, with Munson pushing an ambition business plan. “We wanted to be three things: a manufacturer, supporting a wholesale and a retail company.” The company has succeeded in all three and is now based in the massive brick building that once housed the power plant for the entire Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Read the whole article and listen to the interview here