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Celebrate October with Mexico and Nicaragua Gold Mountain

BRC is proud to offer two of our beloved single-origin roasts, Mexico and Nicaragua Gold Mountain, as our Coffees of the Month for October.  The orange and black labels are the perfect color combo for autumn and BRC's favorite holiday, Halloween.  Both these coffees are $1 off all month in our cafes and webstore.


Our Mexico boasts a medium to heavy body with dark chocolate and malt tasting notes.  Farmers in the region have begun a transition back to organic farming techniques as a way to achieve self-sufficiency and to create sustainability for their communities. The continued development of a network of Fair Trade farmers’ cooperatives is helping local people slowly improve their quality of life. Mexico’s diverse geography, from the soaring altitudes of the country’s four mountain ranges to the beautiful coastal regions along the Pacific, supports diverse farming practices and a broad variety of crops.

Nicaragua Gold Mountain

Our Gold Mountain coffee comes from the farm of Don Francisco and his wife Blanca Nieve, high up in the mountains of Jinotega. The farm is at such a high altitude that their coffee is harvested a full two months after the rest of the region’s due to the colder climate and increased cloud. A civic enterprise, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers is an excellent example of a socially responsible farm using sales premiums to invest in local education, infrastructure and the indigenous community. The bulk of the coffee grown by Gold Mountain is Maragogype, sometimes called the “elephant bean” for its large size.  It is well regarded by professional cuppers, not because a bigger seed produces a better cup, but because the Maragogype plant produces fewer cherries, meaning the flavor is more concentrated.

BRC will be offering exclusive Coffees of the Week in our cafes for the month of October.  Stop by to see what limited release is on bar!