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Featured Coffee: Peru La Florida (plus your chance to get free coffee!)

Our new featured coffee, Peru La Florida comes from the La Florida coffee cooperative was founded in 1966 in Peru’s Chanchamayo Valley region. Initially the cooperative consisted of 100 farmers who hoped to collaborate and market their coffee at better prices, improving the system of commercialization and shortening the chain between local and national markets. Just a few years later, 1900 farming families were working together through La Florida, representing 36 communal groups including Peruvian Sierra colonies and indigenous communities of the valleys of Yurinaki, Ubiriki, Perene and the central upper Peruvian jungle.

Over the past few decades, the group has become Fair Trade, Utz and organic certified.

The cooperative works hard to preserve ancient forests and delicate soils, and has been certified by the Smithsonian Institute as contributing to the preservation of habitat for migratory birds by growing coffee beneath the old growth tree canopy, predominantly Inga. This is great for the coffee as well as the birds, as shade grown coffee matures more slowly, thus resulting in a harder, denser bean with a brighter cup. It also allows the coffee to develop a rich sweetness since the bean spends more time in contact with the sweet fruit that adheres to it.

You can pick up a cup in our roastery.

Get a free BRC iced coffee at these Bike Ambassador Commuter Outreach Locations:

Fri 9/14 8am-11am
Hudson River Greenway Bike path, at Christopher St. entrance.

Wed 9/19 8am-11am
Union Square North

Friday 9/21 8am-11am
Staten Island Ferry, Manhattan side

Wed 9/26 8am-11am
Manhattan Bridge