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From Ground to Grounds: A Coffee bean’s Journey

From Ground to Grounds: A Coffee bean’s Journey

Hudson Made's Laura Grimmer spoke with Michael Pollack and profiled Brooklyn Roasting Company's history, development and practices.   The article chronicles Michael's journey from at-home coffee roaster to meeting up with Jim Munson and eventually co-founder and chief roaster of Brooklyn Roasting Company.  It's a great look inside our company.

“The guiding premise of everything we do here can be distilled into one word: Yes,” Pollack says. “I said yes to this opportunity, and Jim said yes to my experience.”

As mentioned in the article, we are, for a limited time, offering the very renowned and awarding winning Panama Esmeralda Special coffee on bar at 25 Jay St in 8 and 12 oz hot cups.

Hudson Made is also offering a special collection of our coffees which you can order on the page as well!