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Type Brewed
Certified Fair Trade, Fair Trade Organic
Cupping Coffee Is at the Center of Our Craft

Coffee is the seed of a tropical evergreen shrub. Growers around the world harvest and process a wide range of coffee varietals grown under widely different conditions. The genetics of the plant and the "origin terroir” greatly contribute to the character of the coffee you wind up tasting in the cup. At the Brooklyn Roasting Company we search out the world’s finest coffees and expertly roast them to tease out their many colorful characters. Our coffee team is constantly evaluating the coffees we source (or consider sourcing). At the outset, we measure the moisture content of incoming “green” and then sample roast these lots to determine the optimal profile for each coffee on a larger, commercial scale. We cup each sample roast on rotating stone tables equipped with circulating hot water baths, and a thick, tempered glass surface that floats on zany 1960’s superballs and hula hoops. This playful, colorful backdrop to cupping and assessing coffee–the core of our craft– is a constant reminder to appreciate and unlock the flavors and aromas that characterize the extraordinary beans we buy. Taken together with our “Color of Coffee” tasting approach, this crucial quality control step typifies our “serious but not snobby” approach.