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East River Ferry Launches June 13 with BRC Coffee!

We're in full weekend action mode to prepare for the launch on June 13 (tomorrow!) of our Brooklyn Roasting Company mini-coffee bars aboard the fleet of NY Waterway East River Ferries.  Each ship will be staffed with a BRC coffee captain, equipped with the full gamut of top coffee service tools and supplied by 5:30 am with freshly-roasted and hot and cold just-brewed coffees.  We'd like to thank NY Waterway for reaching out to us and asking us to partner with them on this exciting project which aims to offer Brooklyn and Manhattan commuters a cost-effective and infinitely more pleasant alternative to the crowded subways.  And remember, we've also partnered with Transportation Alternatives to offer freshly-brewed coffee to hard-pedaling bicycle commuters at the foot of the three Brooklyn bridge crossings.   The Brooklyn Coffee Company is coming! Have one quick cup by land and or two if by sea...

And Remember:  The first two weeks there is NO CHARGE for either the transportation or the delicious coffee!!!  So plan to start your work week with a ride aboard the East River Ferry and a view of the New York skyline (instead of the local subterranean fauna scurrying along the third rail!).  The Ferry makes stops every five or ten minutes at six locations in Brooklyn (Fulton landing, three stops in Williamsburg/Greenpoint and then up to Long Island City) and two in Manhattan (Pier 11 near Wall St. and midtown near 34th St.).

By the way, we'll be serving one of the first cups of the day to one of the Big Apples most notorious coffee lovers-- Mayor Bloomberg.  I had breakfast with hizzoner almost ten years ago at Gracie Mansion and when I asked him if he drank coffee he told me that he goes through 10-15 cups a day.  I asked him how he could drink so much and he confessed that he didn't really--he just kept forgetting where he'd set down his cup and so got another one.  I'd have laughed even if he wasn't the Mayor.

Visit www.nywaterway.com for all the latest info and ferry schedules.  We'll make sure you arrive at work bright-eyed and bushy tailed with some tasty brew in hand.