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East River Ferry Service--Mayor Bloomberg, Marty Markowitz Love the Coffee!

Day #1  The opening day of East River Ferry Service was a resounding success!  We staffed three ferries, all operating on super-tight five minute stop schedules, offering folks Peruvian La Florida Fair Trade certified hot coffee and mind-numbingly flavorful Ethiopian Guji (Rainforest Alliance certified) cold brewed iced coffee.

Janel, Kate, Miguel and Joseph form the nucleus of BRC's early morning team (start time 5am--ugh) and we're happy they're aboard.  Miguel is heading up our brew crew--steeping 2.5 lbs fresh ground coffee into 5 gallons freshly filtered water for 4 minutes.  Kate supervises stocking levels for things like milk, cream, cups, lids, sugar, etc.  Janel will be responsible for making sure everyone's on the right schedule and that all boats are staffed every morning.  Emily and Michael are also up at a the crack of dawn helping to make sure New York wakes up with a smile and a cup of BRC coffee.  Thanks a ton to everyone!

Out on the water and aboard the Peter Weiss, we made a ceremonious stop at North 6th St, where Mayor Bloomberg, Borough President Marty Markowitz and a number of other high profile politicos sidestepped flashing Canon 5D's to clamber aboard and get good seats on the ferry's maiden voyage.  I chatted up the mayor for a good five minutes before backing off to give others a chance for some photo pops.  As I mentioned earlier, I'd had coffee with Hizzoner before and he confirmed the veracity of my "15 cups a day" story.  Phew!

This weekend we begin serving coffee on all three ships at around 9am.  Due to the later start times and logistical considerations, we'll probably be serving hot coffee during the week--from 7 to noon and cold coffee on the weekends, from 9 to roughly 3 or 4.  Please give us any feedback, photos, etc.  And don't forget, the best coffee-rekated or coffee-inspired photo submitted to phog@brooklynroasting.com before August 31st wins FREE COFFEE for a YEAR!!!!!