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From Brooklyn to Bali

From Brooklyn to Bali

Check out this video if you want to see what's happening in our lab-HQ:  BRC Lab Cafe in Full Swing

Since I last checked in, The BrooklynRoasting Company has served over 30,000 connoisseur quality single origin and blended hot and cold-brewed coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, cortados, macchiatos, americanos and our signature dessert drink—the Maple Shay Shay.  The BRC Lab Café at 25 Jay St. has become so busy we routinely schedule two (sometimes three) expert baristas, one jet-fueled barback, and our own Uncle Bob, aka Michael, smiling, on register. As summer falls into autumn our offerings are changing too—with our very popular cold-brewed iced Ethiopian Sidamo now taking a back seat to hot single origin offerings that change daily.  In the past week, we’ve served a deliciously sweet Mexican Chiapas, a smoky, aromatic Guat, and a Balinese Kintamani that stole my heart with its neon-red-ripe-strawberry nose and baked-buttery-fruity flavor and finish.  The cold weather better watch out—WE ARE READY!  Props to Camila, Janel, Caitlin, Sinclair, Patrick, Francis, Emily, Shandise, Kate, Dan, Aaron and most of all Michael for their persistent passion for all things coffee and unflinching pluckiness.  Kudos!

Our locomotive wholesale biz is also chugging along faster than ever, with several heavy-hitting newbies coming on board during the next few weeks.  Look forward to pro-quality hot coffee and espresso drinks at Au Breve in Cooper Square and BAM in downtown Brooklyn.  Across the board,we’re stressing the importance of changing coffees seasonally (whenever possible) and the reception among our customers has been fantastic.  With the BRC lab café in full swing, it’s easy to demo various brewing techniques and experiment with custom roasts and precision dosing all the time—something our existing and prospective accounts seem to appreciate.  We're writing a new guide to commercial connoisseur quality espresso and working to bulletproof our field equipment (thank you Tracy!). In general, we continue to grow and learn and improve each day.  We’ve set our sights high and know that to reach our goal of being the best coffee company in the universe might take more than a few weeks.

Oh, tomorrow we’ll announce the winners of our Coffee Photography contest.  The submissions were out of this world and judging them took much longer than we anticipated.  Thanks so much to everyone who entered and congratulations in advance of our announcement to the lucky few winners (who will be enjoying FREE COFFEE FOR A YEAR!!!!)