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New Menu and New Coffees!

New Menu and New Coffees!

Our cafe, "the lab," is in soft open mode and already drawing quite a crowd--like 400 people a day.  We're fielding a deep, all-star team of baristas--two to a shift, plus a barback, and cashier--led by the fearless (and peerless) Camila Caddou, to keep lines to a minimum and drink quality through the roof.  We also just mounted our main drinks menu (above) and have recently added several exciting new coffee varietals to our portfolio.  Here are three:


Milk-chocolate notes, with some (lemony?) citrus.  Adding milk lends a silky, caramel layer to the flavor.


Mildly smoky, with almond and melon hints. 

Ethiopian Sidamo

Bright, with hints of blueberries, this refreshing coffee is almost "sangria-esque" in its flavor.

These are now available to drink in our 25 Jay Street, Brooklyn Cafe Lab and will soon be available for purchase online.

Until then, plenty of others are in our online shop for your non-local BRC fans.  Grab a bag!