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Costa Rica is February's Coffee of the Month

We've selected our Costa Rica as February's Coffee of the Month. Grown at CooproNaranjo, a cooperative of coffee growers in the West Valley region. The rich soils and warm, humid climate of this region proved to be ideal for growing coffee, and since the early 19th century coffee has become the country’s principal export product.  Founded in 1960, CooproNaranjo is a cooperative of coffee growers in the county of Naranjo. It’s early aims were to pool efforts for coffee processing, and purchase a shared mill. The cooperative has gone on to implement comprehensive measures to improve coffee quality and production. Wet-processed and sun-dried, our Costa Rica has a bold, natural feel with subtly sweet tasting notes.  Through February, pick up Costa Rica for $1 off in our online store (savings automatically applied) and in our cafes.