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February Coffee of the Month: Mocha Java

Our Coffee of the Month for February is our ever popular Mocha Java blend. This name of this classic coffee blend dates back to the 18th century, when it described coffees from the ports of Mocha and Java. Mocha is named after the Yemeni port of Mokha (or al-Mukhā) where beans from across Eastern Africa were traded and exported.  The port controlled most of the trade moving between the Arab world and the Indian Ocean, and also received beans from Java, an Indonesian island recently colonized by the Dutch, who had begun to introduce coffee cultivation. Our version deliciously blends our bright Ethiopian and earthy, chocolatey Sumatran coffees to pay homage to the regions.  Tins of Mocha Java are $1 off on our web store and in our cafes all month.

Our Coffee of the Week schedule in our cafes over the month of February is:

Week 1: Guatemala
Week 2: Peru High Grown Andes
Week 3: Ethiopian Yirge Cheffe
Week 4: Colombia Santa Barbara