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March Coffee of the Month: Peru High Grown Andes

Our March Coffee of the Month comes to your cup from the Cajamarca region in the north of Peru.  This wet process, sun dried coffee is produced by farmers of Coop Sol y Cafe and grown at elevations between 900-2000 meters. Sol y Cafe dedicates a portion of their social premiums to improving production and protecting the region's beautiful and fertile environment.  With tasting notes that include the warmth of a newly baked cookie and pecan pie crust, this Fair Trade certified coffee is one of our most popular available.  We also blend it with our Ethiopian Natural and Sumatra Permata Gayo to create our Iris Espresso.  This month, 12 oz cans of Peru High Grown Andes are $1 off all web and cafe purchases (discount automatically applied).

Coffees of the Week on bar in our cafes this month:

Week 1 (3/2-3/8): Rwanda
Week 2 (3/9-3/15): 3D
Week 3 (3/16-3/22): Ethiopian Natural
Week 4 (3/23-3/29): Nicaragua Matagalpa
Week 5 (3/30-4/5): Tanzania Peaberry