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June Coffee of the Month: Mexican Chiapas

June Coffee of the Month: Mexican Chiapas

Mexican ChiapasJune's Coffee of the Month comes from Mexico's southernmost state, Chiapas.  This Fair Trade certified bean is shade-grown which supports diverse forest habitats and leads to smoky yet sweet flavor.  The ever-lush volcanic soils of the Chiapas region is home a mostly rural population of farmers and their families.  The continued development of a network of Fair Trade farming cooperatives is helping the people of Chiapas slowly improve their quality of life.  The coffee co-operatives in the region now act as focal points for the reconstruction of damaged communities, and Chiapas is currently experiencing a period of renewal, driven in part by its organic, chemical-free coffee crops and growing reputation for superior quality beans. Mexican Chiapas is $1 off online and in our cafe all month.

Our cafe Coffees of the Week for the month are:

June 1-7: El Salvador
June 8-14: Kenya
June 16-21: Nicaragua
June 22-28: Bespoke Blend