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Coffee of the Month: Peruvian Decaf [APRIL FOOLS!]

Coffee of the Month: Peruvian Decaf [APRIL FOOLS!]


While our decaf is fantastic, we're not actually featuring it all month. Check out our Colombian Santa Barbara Estate for our REAL coffee of April.

A new month, a new mind-blowing coffee to explore! This month we're focusing our taste buds on... Decaf!

Our decaf is from the La Florida co-op in Peru. It is certified Fair Trade, and Swiss Water processed (chemical-free, washed of its caffeine). Peru La Florida cooperative is a group of over 1,200 growers in the Chanchamayo Valley of central Peru, where most of the country’s coffee is grown.  Located in the foothills of the Andes, an abundance of old growth trees shade the coffee plants, slowing their growth, adding density and flavors not found in coffees grown at lower altitudes.

Each season, we select a decaf that comes as close to the character of its origin as possible. This one is no exception. According to our chief taster: it "tastes like real coffee"--hard to believe but true! In unlabeled cuppings, no one has ratted it out as being decaf. Try it brewed or in an espresso-based drink. You won't believe your knowledge.