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Yes We CAN! And you CAN too...

Yes We CAN! And you CAN too...

We're saving paper by switching to re-usable, recyclable tin-steel can packaging! Why?

Tin-steel is currently the most easily and most frequently recycled material in the world."Tin" cans are actually made of steel then finely coated in tin to prevent rusting. These materials are among the easiest to recycle because they can be separated out of other materials using industrial magnets. According to the Steel Recycling Institute, more steel is recycled each year than paper, plastic, aluminum, glass and copper combined (measured in tons). Not only is steel easy to collect for recycling, recycled steel (steel scrap) is an essential material in the production of raw steel. Steel is continuously recyclable, meaning it can be recycled over and over without losing any of its quality or strength. In general, all steel cans are made of at least 25% recycled steel, while many are made of nearly 100% recycled material.

Canning the coffee maximizes its shelf-life, trapping and protecting its delicate flavors and aroma. For several days after roasting, coffees give off Carbon Dioxide. Since we package the coffee in cans the same day we roast it, the coffee releases the CO2 into the can, displacing the oxygen through the degassing valve. Replacing the Oxygen with Carbon Dioxide is important because exposure to Oxygen is what causes foods (and coffee) to deteriorate and stale.

In order to can our beans, we just added a Continental Can Company Panama Can Seamer to our crew! This work-horse machine can CAN up to 50 cans a minute, though we’ve reined it in a bit for our everyday use. Our Panama Seamer was patented in the mid-1930s and is the same model machine used for packaging canned foods shipped overseas during World War II. We love it for its silent power and the homage it pays to New York City’s industrial days and our neighborhood’s own Navy Yard. You’ll love it for the fantastic freshness of your coffee months after we’ve roasted it.

You can participate by bringing your can back for more (and a dollar off to boot)! The cans cost us a dollar, so if you buy a can of coffee and bring your can back, we’ll fill it up and charge you a dollar less. Pretty good deal for saving the earth—we win, you win, Earth wins--Great Job! On top of all these other benefits, the cans look SNAZZY. Come see for yourself at our Roastery (25 Jay St. in Dumbo) and ask to take a peak at our vintage Can Seamer.