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Ethiopia - Origin of the Month

Ethiopia - Origin of the Month

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and that's why it's fitting that it is our first origin of the month in our continuing program to educate.

We've always rotated in a new hot coffee selection daily at The Lab, but starting this month we will also be offering one continuing coffee from the origin of the month so that you may compare flavors and regions and really start educating yourself on the many wonderful differences.

This month's Ethiopian coffee comes from Yirge Cheffe region.

East African coffees are known for their bright, wine-like characteristics, often revealing lemon or berry notes in the cup and our naturally-processed Yirge Cheffe is an excellent example.

This coffee comes from a small cooperative and is Fair Trade and organic certified.

As always, our cold-brewed iced coffee is also Ethiopian, a bright and blueberry-hinted offering from the Sidamo region which is likewise Fair Trade and organic certified.