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The News Is Out: We're Exporting Superb Brewed Coffee from Brooklyn to Manhattan via East River Ferry

Yesterday marked the fourth day of service for BRC's Coffee Navy.  The Wall St. Journal commented "New York Waterway is employing all the bells and whistles...there's free coffee from the Brooklyn Roasting Company (it's the good stuff, Ethiopian Guji on a recent morning..."  New York 1, The New York Times, Post and Daily News, TV stations and a ton of bloggers have boarded the new East River Ferries (along with an estimated 20,000 other riders this week) to enjoy a pleasant, scenic alternative to the various subways.  And we're there to offer them fresh-roasted, hot- and cold-brewed coffees.  And it's not just coffee--we're clocking riders with high-test, single origin, certified coffees normally reserved for best quality coffee and espresso bars.  It's delish.  The perfumed fruitiness of the Oromo Guji Ethiopian cold brew belongs in a gift basket decorated with a ribbon.

We think that serving great coffee boils down to following a few easy guidelines:  Use superb ingredient green coffee (we always do), use clean-as-a-whistle equipment and thermal storage containers (we always do), measure out proper proportions of coffee to near boiling filtered water (check) and let them steep for about four minutes.  That's our recipe.  It's not much of a secret--we keep things simple and straightforward--and we smile.

Trips and sips are free for another week--after that the ferry will charge a $4 fee (not much more than subway and heckuva lot nicer view) and we'll charge a buck a cup for the Joe.  A bargain at any price!